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me - age 4

This page is neither funny, nor is it very informative, but then again, the last one wasn't either. However, very few pages on the internet fall into that category, so I don't feel bad about it. In fact, it's sole redeeming feature was the picture of me when I was four, so here it is on this page as well.

I have to work for a living. I was not born with a silver spoon, or indeed a tin spoon in my mouth, and thus have held several jobs over the years, the most fun one being with Bass Retail Ltd. I parted company with them several years ago, after being manager of The Point in Milton Keynes.

I Live in a small town called Normanton, just outside of Leeds, where Emma, myself, our two sons, and the cat have bought a house, so we plan on settling down here for quite a while.

Born one cold dark night, December 15th 1970. I wear glasses, because I look at cathode ray tubes for far too long - sometimes they belong to a computer, sometimes they belong to a television, and sometimes they belong to a video amusement machine.
I don't wear a shirt and tie anymore, because ASDA don't believe in that sort of thing - we all wear the same - blue Polo shirts with little logos on them. V cute. I've had to wear worse. At least I didn't have to go out and buy another suit before starting with them.

Slytherin House

According to the Harry Potter website, I'm a member of the Slytherin House. Cool.
Also, bear in mind you image thieves (For example "Slytherin Queen" on the US Studentcentre Teen Forums,) I may at any time rename the above logo, and replace the original filename with a picture of a peeing Monkey. "That's you that is."

A quick ranking of my employment with people over the years:
Corrupt - mentally & physically, if not financially
Alcohol usually present
Ayton Marketing systems
Bass Leisure, Teesside Park/Dyble
Bass Leisure, Teesside Park/Jervis
Bass Leisure, Harrow
Bass Leisure, Milton Keynes
Teddy Clark, Hull
Procom, Leeds
Computer Exchange, Leeds
Safeway, Leeds
Asda, Leeds

Just from browsing my pages, you should be able to make out the following:

I like:

I don't like:

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