Emma looking a bit tired.

Emma in the middle of a stropAnother Emma shot

This is Emma. she's my wife.

We were married on July 15th 2000 - which you will note was St Switherns day.

Currently on maternity leave after giving birth to our second son - Ruben

She's lamented about me telling you all that she's hooked on Dr Mario on the GameBoy, that she'll take you all on, and emerge victorious, at Bust-a-move 2. She's a bit of a dab hand at Super Smash TV and Carmageddon as well.
Hobbies include nagging (arf) and Formula One. Fortunately, I'm included in one of those hobbies, and unfortunately, I'm included in the other one too. Ah well. Heaven and Hell, and all that.

Since downloading MAME32, she's become a demon once again at Trog, Tapper and also cannot pull herself away from Space Invaders, would you believe?

Successfully juggling being a Mum to Alfie and Ruben, and keeping her career going, she's pretty special.

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