Class of '87

Class of '87 - recognise anybody?
Stokesley School - Class of 1987, Dr Oversby's form.

The above image is 100K large, and has dimensions of 950x566 - pretty big, but I wanted to make sure you could tell who was who. I run at 1280x1024 anyway, so it seems fine to me... It's also a bit washed out, but I had to raise the brightness quite a bit - dark blue uniforms don't scan well against a dark brown background you know.

I'm the suspiciously-haired one second from the back, third from the left - the only one wearing a tie. Hmm.

If you know any of these people, or indeed are any of them, please email me by clicking here, or if you know any of the people in the list below, by clicking on their name, and telling me about them.

Most of the people in here I went to school with, at Stokesley Comprehensive school, in Stokesley, North Yorkshire, England between the years of 1983 - 1987. So if you know a Beth Thompson in Pittsburgh PA, USA, it's unlikely to be the same one I'm on about. Although I suppose it could be.

And yes, I know all about Friends Re-united, thanks for pointing it out everybody - if you actually looked there yourselves, you'll see I do already have an entry, and have had one for some time now.

This is a copy (a better quality one in fact,) of the logo Stokesley school used to use promote themselves on their website. Ring any bells?

Stokers school

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