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Welcome to my little ZX corner.

All the links have been updated, so I hope you'll be able to navigate happily without losing your way too much.

Schizoids by Imagine Dartz by Automata
RanaRama Skool Daze

Some smashingly brilliant games for your ZX Emulator, whatever platform you run it on.
Click here to go to the ZXFAQ section dealing with the emulators.

ZXPack - 151K The ZXPACK has been finished. This small (151K) zipfile contains a new startup screen, My computer icon, startup sound, busy cursor, and explorer bitmap for Windows 9x systems. Go on - do your PC a favour, and download it now.

Quirkafleeg - JSW1
A Quirkafleeg? Are you completely hatstand?
What are you wibbling on about?
Well - Click the screens to find out...
Quirkafleeg - JSW2

And because we all love Ultimate, here's a smattering of loading screens...
(Even though they won't let us distribute their games)

bipAlien8 bipAtic Atac bipBubbler
bipCookie bipCyberun bipGunfright
bipJetpac bipKnight Lore bipLunar Jetman
bipNiteshade bipPentagram bipSabre Wulf
bipTranz AM bipUnderwurlde bip
News for Ultimate fans! Click here!

Who here loved Your Sinclair? Yes! We all did. Our work here is done.

bipLarge Picture (300k)
bipSmall Picture (70k)

The links:

(All these links are off-site, and will open in a new window.)

Frankly, there are really only two of these links that you'll ever need - WoS & the FAQ. The rest are useful, but not as all-conquering as the first two.

WoS Shrunken logo

bipWorld Of Spectrum

This is your first, and I would say only (but that would be wrong) stop for Spectrum stuff. A massive database of all your needs - emulators snaps, and a great search engine that actually found a working copy of Hijack for me. Great.

ZX Faq

bipThe ZX FAQ

Maintained by Phil Kendall. If you want to know about the Sinclair scene, this is a good place to start.
And if you want to start with Comp.Sys.Sinclair this is essential reading to prevent yourself being ridiculed (In a funky skillo sort of way) for your first dozen posts.

ZX Games Faq

bipThe ZX Games FAQ

Maintained by Stephen Smith. This concentrates solely on the games, and is not to be confused with the SSD, or SGD. (Or even the KGB... Which is another Speccie emulator!)

SGD Logo bipMaster Spectrum Pages.

Not updated anymore, but what is there is a load of information giving instructions on many games - so can be useful.

.Planet Sinclair Logo bipPlanet Sinclair
This is almost as nostalgiac as the ZX Spectrum itself. One of the first archives for snapshots, it's been superceded by WoS now. It's held at nvg - the ftp site there (NVG Hurrah!). Fairly poorly organised, and not updated for a long time, but it's still a place of nostalgia, which is what the ZX scene is all abaht.

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